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Thread: Long day......In the End got to talk to Him

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    Smile Long day......In the End got to talk to Him

    This is my First time attempting a blog, bare with me please lol.
    My name is Cora Halo age 21
    Live in South NJ
    Youngest of my siblings 3/3 ( all sisters )
    Have 4 Dogs; German Shepard, Pug, and two tea-cup Yorkshires.
    Completely and deeply IN LOVE with my Soldier! <3 01-01-14 <3
    Love my family and always will!
    Born and raised Catholic.

    Day 1 of Blog: Had a crummy day here in South Jersey, considering it down poured allll day! Attended my Wednesday class like usual, although arrived 15 mins early on campus and couldn't find ONE freakin parking spot!!!! grrr.... drove around, knew I wasn't supposed to park on the curb or in the sandy muddy dirt, but had no choice was gonna be late for class. Had hopes that the campus security wouldn't ticket my car since it was down pouring, and plus had a decal on my car that said " PROUD ARMY GirlFriend" but NOPE! got out of my class to find a soaked ticket stuck to my windshield, forcing me to pay the $25 violation parking fee. But all was good once I got home and got on FB to see He was on! and sent me a picture of himself reassuring me he was alive and kicking along with his sweet words <3 It's a good day whenever I hear from him!
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    "A simple hello could lead to a million things."
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    Pugs are so cute! I have two brussel griffons and a chocolate lab. The lab is my fat pigeon-toed baby haha
    Sorry to hear it's been a rough day
    Also, there's a section on your profile for blogs if you want to put them there

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