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Thread: New to Long Distance Relationships, Need Ideas to Stay Connected

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    New to Long Distance Relationships, Need Ideas to Stay Connected

    Hi! I am new to this forum. My boyfriend is in the Navy. He was stationed near my hometown for shore duty, but unfortunately had to go back to sea duty. He just left on Monday. We decided that for now, I would stay where I lived, and he would go alone. I have never done long distance relationships before.

    Any good ideas to stay connected? As of right now, we don't think he's deploying any time soon, but I guess that could change at any time. So we have our computers and our phones to text and call. I just want other cute little ideas.
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    Welcome to the site. If you read through the threads in this forum, you'll get lots of good ideas on how to maintain your relationship while LDR.

    The primary ways that I stay in contact with DH is through e-mail, Skype, iMessage (we both have iPhones), and packages. Can't really say that I have any cute ideas, but I do have fun putting together care packages of his favorite candy, snacks, and other miscellaneous stuff.
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    We stay close through Skype, email, letters and care packages. I did a cute care package with notes on candy such as you're sweet as honey on a bit o honey bar and I know these are cheesy, but I hope the crack you up on an individual cheese and crackers package. There were a lot of them. That's probably the cutest other than things my son's send him.

    As PP said there are tons of ideas in the threads here too.
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