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Thread: Greener choices

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavender_jane View Post
    I just gave away all my Friends dvds last week I haven't touched them in years because I basically never use discs of anything anymore. Also, Netflix.

    No human needs as much lotion or candles as I have amassed either.
    Omg I went up to visit my siblings in NC a couple months ago and I brought ALL of my makeup besides what I use on a daily basis and gave it to my little sister. She was thrilled. Literally like have you ever watched YouTube makeup collection videos? That was me I feel so much better though! Such a small change but it freed up so much space!
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    Divacup, composting, reusable bags, reusable tupperware, limited plastic, etc. I have a car now, but I used to walk/bike everywhere. It's not possible in this city, but I plan on going back to riding my bike as soon as I move.

    I think the biggest and most conscious change for me was dramatically reducing my meat consumption. I always felt like it had to be all or nothing, but I've since decided not to let perfection get in the way of good enough. I can't fully call myself a vegetarian, but I eat meat mayyybe once a week (used to eat it every day), and don't really buy it anymore. I'm really happy with it so far.

    I think my next move is definitely shopping. I have so much clothes, I just sold some to a consignment shop, and donated a whole other bag. I'm trying to "capsule" my wardrobe. I want to stop buying cheap clothes,and just keep what I have or get some quality pieces.
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