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Thread: Gardening...Apartment Style

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    best of luck to you! i helped my mother-in-law plant a small vegetable garden in her backyard. it was hard work setting it up, and the maintenance at first can be tedious. it is definitely worth it, though! we planted everything you did plus squash, cucumber, 5 kinds of pepper, zucchini, and other stuff- we love having fresh vegetables every night
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    Cheap trick? Get some shallow rubbermaid containers, drill some drainage holes, and use those for some things.

    You can use a window-box planter for onions... You'll want something large (like a 5 gallon bucket) for tomatoes, they get huge. A 6 or 8 inch pot works wonders for green peppers. I did cucumbers in an 8 inch pot that I set on the floor and let it go nuts and vine-wrap itself around everything. As your plants get bigger, you're going to need some cages too!

    I had a huge garden on my patio a few years back.
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    These are awesome tips! Keep them coming!
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