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Thread: Holidays

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    I'm going to try to make stuff, but I would love to share ideas!
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    I usually make cookies, fudge, and maybe a canned jam in baskets for families.
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    I like to buy local goods as gifts - they are always so much more fun than stuff out of big box stores.

    I feel like I probably defeat the purpose sometimes, though, since I have to ship everything. But I'd still rather do it.
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    I make most of our gifts for extended family - they get homemade christmas cookies and a batch of white trash each (it's like chex mix covered in white chocolate). This year I'm knitting my sister a scarf and (hopefully, if I'm good enough) a hat to match. I'm basically only buying for my parents, his parents, and DH. That fair trade site is awesome, I might get our presents from there. They'll be so unique!
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    Depending on where you live, giant flee markets, crafts fairs, farmers markets, and yard sales are awesome places to go!

    We're making peacan brittle from dh's family's peacan tree. We'll have to use a food saver for the ones we ship.

    support local growers and organic wine vineyards by buying local wines for your wine-o friends

    I like buying really odd or unique frames at the thrift store and framing pictures, or if it's a not half bad picture like of plants or something taking textured paint and painting over portions of the picture to make it texturized and dementional.

    reusing is great too. you can find tons of books, toy chests, and toys at thrift stores.
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    I would LOVE to make gifts to save money. We have a budget set up. It's 50.00 for the adults (that includes, DH, my mom, and my sister w/ husband) and 40.00 for the kids.
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    For my mom and sisters, I'm getting a natural foods cookbook ( and locally-crafted pottery/art/jewelry or something. For my dad and BIL, some kind of goodies from our local alpine shop -- they make their own outdoor gear, it's super cool -- and locally-crafted beer.

    For my friends, I will probably do French market soup mix (I'll have to dig up the recipe and share) or homemade goodies of another sort.
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