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Thread: Gardening Gurus

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    Gardening Gurus

    One of my classes requires us to plant a garden and document it through notes and pictures. I don't garden, I can't even keep a house plant alive. Plants just seem to die no matter what!

    The class is one on teaching science to elementary kids and the purpose of the garden is supposed to get us more in touch with the natural environment since there is so much science in it. He says he won't grade us on how well things grow in our garden but the effort we put into it. However, I REALLY want mine to grow.

    So, any advice on gardening? What kinds of seeds are easier? What things should I definetly stay away from? I don'T really want to invest a ton of money into this because I'm broke. He says we can use a planter box, or a big flower pot but we have to have atleast 5 plants in it.

    Thank you in advance!!
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    Herbs. Herbs grow very easily! Buy some parsley, some sage, even some pansies (yes, you can eat pansy flowers).

    Or, get the unkillable plant!

    You just can't kill that darn thing.
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    Herbs do grow well. As do hostas and spider plants.

    That dinosaur plant? Freaking awesome.
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    Herbs, potatos, carrots, lettace all grow well in large pots on the balcony...the potatoes you can start from grocery store poatoes. Also put the pots in a spot that gets lots of sun, or put the planter son wheel bases so you can roll them into the sun. Arizona gets pretty cold at night so you might want to look for frost tolerant plants
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    DS killed his dinosaur plant, I didn't think it was possible.

    Anyway, herbs like parsley, chives and basil, but not cilantro.
    Cherry tomatoes, peppers and lettuces.

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