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Thread: Growing Herbs

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    Growing Herbs

    I was wondering if anyone has ever grown herbs in a small planter box on a window sill in side. I want to try but I dont have a very green thumb. Is it hard? What herbs grow the best?
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    My mom does it not sure what all she has though
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    I used to grow mint and basil. You can absolutely do it in a window sill box. Then, when the plants are big enough, you can pull off the leaves and let them dry, then crush them and put them in spice keepers. I used to do this with mine and I loved putting dry mint in my dishes! It's really easy and I didn't use plant food or anything. Just water every couple of days and not too much heat or too much sun. Maybe a spot that get sun for part of the day but not all.
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    I've grown a lot of herbs (always in containers, usually indoors) in the past, and have rosemary and mint now. What you grow will just depend on what you use the most in cooking, KWIM? Most are pretty easy, I believe -- full or part sun, keep evenly moist, don't harvest more than 1/3 of the green plant at a time (if you plan to use the herbs fresh, which I recommend). Mint grows like a weed, rosemary is pretty hardy, basil just needs a good balance between wet and dry, and to be harvested occasionally so the new leaves at the bottom can grow.

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