We use cloth diapers and wipes. We used a combination of prefolds and AIO's at birth, and now use a combination of prefolds and pockets. I just love them, and have made some of the cutest covers. In fact, I just made my youngest an ACU pocket diaper with "Jumpers in the Door" embroidered on it, and am about to make him another ACU pocket diaper as well. We use natural wipes solution made with Booty Cubes, or just water and a wipe when we are on the road.

I'm loving cding. I started when my oldest was 6 months old during the day, then during the day and when we went out, and then full time. I can't believe I ever used sposies.

I also bf and made my own baby food. Ds just didn't dig the jarred variety so I'd mash up food for him and he'd eat that.