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Thread: Scrubbing cloths and a wet bag!

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    Scrubbing cloths and a wet bag!

    I read online some where that burlap is a great material to use for scrubbing cloths. The rough material can cut grease and other kitchen messes with ease. Plus, you can wash burlap just like you can unpaper towels and the like. Once they've started to wear and tear, they are supposed to be biodegradeable. I'm going to look this up and verify that though.

    Oh! And air can flow through the material easily. So they won't collect bacteria like kitchen sponges will. You just throw them in the wash and hang them to dry after you're done using them!

    My sister and I picked up some burlap and some cotton printed fabric today at the store. She's making me 8 burlap scrubbing cloths and made me a wet bag to hang on a kitchen cupboard to collect wet unpaper towels in between washings. I'm so excited!! She did a great job!
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    Never thought of burlap! I'm gonna have to go to the grain store here and get some when I have a chance!!!

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    hmmm interesting. let me know how it goes. i love the idea of the "bag" though. i am going to have to make one for our kitchen towls
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    you can make a bag with that has a hole in each end and put plastic bags in all you need to do is pull a plastic bag when you need it..helps manage space.

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