For your compost box:

DO: crushed egg shells, coffee grounds and coffee filters, tea bags, veggie and fruit waste, most paper plates(check your packaging), bread crusts, dried grass, dry leaves, weeds(make sure they are very green and it is prior to reseeding ie: dandelions before they turn into white puff balls), dry clippings from plants

DON'T: meat, bones, dairy products, wet or freshly cut grass, wet leaves or clippings, human, dog or cat fecal matter, grease or oil

Remember to compost small. You should not add more than 6 inches of product to your compost bin at a time. Make sure all veggie and fruit waster in cut small. Turn your compost weekly....use either a compost tool, hoe, rake or shovel.

Do not over water your garden when you are using compost as it can attract fungus gnats.