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Thread: Get Rid of Junk Mail

  1. ahimsa
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    Get Rid of Junk Mail

    At this website:

    If you pay $20 they will get rid of all your junk mail and plant some tree's for you. Every year tons of paper and fuel is wasted just to send you mail you don't even want. Recycling it also costs energy, so if you have the spare $20, its worth it.
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    I'm so tired of junk mail too, is not even funny. Also contacting those places that mail you crap can help, maybe they can take your address off their system and also electronic documents, you can get your bills emailed to you.
  3. Account Closed
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    Does it get rid of all your junk mail or can you choose companies you still want to receive stuff from?
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    for junk mail like credit card offers or something that has your name on it & not just "current resident"- if you write "refused, return to sender" on it, the post office will send it back to the company (the company has to pay for the shipping)... and most of the time, you won't receive another piece of junk mail from them again. I tried doing that a couple months ago (after receiving atleast 2 in the mail every day).. and now I rarely get credit card offers!

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