ASPINWALL, Pa. -- Anyone who loves nail polish might love to get a bottle as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. As far as choosing a color, Channel 4 Action News' Kelly Frey reports "green" is always a great shade.

Traditional nail lacquer contains a number of petroleum-based chemicals that sit on your nails for days at a time.

But there are other options. From the most passionate purples to the palest of pinks, an alternative to traditional polish is available in a rainbow of shades, and is also chemical-free.

Customers visit ESSpa Kozmetika in Aspinwall to give their tired tootsies a treat, as well as for the special polishes.

"They've taken all the heavy chemicals out. They have taken the DBT's out. They've taken the formaldehyde out. They've taken the toluene out. I mean toluene is in gasoline. So you are putting gas on your nails," said spa employee Scott Kerschbaumer.

"You can feel it going on. And maybe you should actually know what it is that is going on," said Stephanie Veenis, who uses chemical-free nail polish.

Tammi Lining is a nurse who said that chemical-free polishes are a smart choice for consumers.

"It's not only being green, it's being safer…Because 20, 30 years from now, you don't want to learn 'Oh, my nail polish was slowly was harming my liver, harming my kidneys, harming my skin,'" Lining said.

ESSpa offers Zoya, which is available in more than 300 candy colors, and Chi, which contains nano silver, an anti-bacterial treatment.

There are also chemical free or water based polishes that you can find online like Toe Shades or Priti which includes a soy-based biodegradable remover.

Cooper Munroe runs a Web site for mothers and said that many moms want to find safe beauty products.

"We have a lot of new moms and expecting moms on the site. And they are really concerned with what they are putting on their bodies and putting in their bodies. So nail polish is one of them," Munroe said.

Chemical-free polish has come a long way but some customers are still skeptics who are worried about how the polish will wear. However Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer of ESSpa said that once her customers try the products, they are usually impressed.

"I said 'Let me tell you, you know the nail polish you love so much that we put on you? Guess what? That is what it is!'" Sztupka-Kerschbaumer said.