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Thread: Update...just confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by idratherbehiking View Post

    I think in these cases it's best to give yourself a little time to heal and move on. How long that will take really depends on you and when you feel ready.
    Quote Originally Posted by brahette View Post
    Aw girl, I'm so sorry to hear this. It sounds like you're making the best decision though. Who knows, maybe things will shake out in the end and it may work out later down the line.

    Regarding communication... my experience has been that I almost always have to cut ties. It just doesn't work out trying to be friends right away. I agree to just give it a little bit of time and see when you and him feel ready for a friendship. I actually have a college ex that I didn't talk to for years and now we're pretty decent friends.

    Thank you both! I know you're both right, cutting ties is the best thing to do. And actually, he'll be going underway soon so that will make it easier on the both of us to focus on ourselves and the option to talk wont even be there so.

    Thanks again <3
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    you need to do what is best for you! Everything may work out with you guys later down the line but I truly believe you made the right decision.
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    You did the right thing for you! If you don't look out for yourself, then who else will?

    Maybe things will work out eventually.

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