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Thread: WTH I don't.. get it. It hurts... *updt*

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    WTH I don't.. get it. It hurts... *updt*

    I don't even know. I'm.... I thought everything was fine. He told me he loved me last night, hadn't been acting differently. Ask him if he wants to come over tonight since I can't go to work tonight and he says not tonight, I ask why and he says he'll call me after he drop his kids off. Then I see he's deleted me from facebook.

    I don't get it. Everything just hurts. I need a friend right now. Please.

    I tried calling him when I saw he'd deleted me. No answer. Texted him asking him if he did. No response. We were supposed to go to the wild game on friday. His last hockey game of the season tomorrow. ... nothing. just nothing.

    None of my friends are calling me back. I feel so alone

    So he called me. He's going back to his ex wife. He said his daughter has been begging him to come back home and wanting him to stay when he drops them off and its been killing him. He said he's going to try one last time to make things work for his kids.

    Part of me can't hate him for that. I know how much his kids mean to him. But I am so angry and hurt. I can't fault him for choosing his children over me. Thats the right decision to make. But to get back with her, it burns. He deleted me because she pretty much made him.

    One of my girlfriends is coming over to spend the night with me. BRinging stupid movies and very unhealthy food. I'm so grateful for her.

    I just..... wow.

    update 2
    Thanks everyone. He texted me last night an me being drunk and stupid, responded. I was not nearly as nice as when he originally broke up with me on the phone. And yeah. I feel like it gave me a chance to say what I'd been thinking since but I'm still trying toget over him and part of me wishes he'd never texted me at all.

    But I have a fun weekend planned with various friends. Sushi "date" with one friend Thursday, party bus with my girlfriend and her peeps Friday, and strip club hopping Saturday with an old academy buddy on Saturday.

    I also got good news that I'm doing agility testing for a county agency on Thursday morning and a model photo gig on Friday morning. So I just have to survive the next two overnight shifts at work and hopefully things will turn around a little.
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    I'm so sorry

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    You don't deserve to be treated like that. I'm so sorry you're hurting.
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    I don't understand men who act so cowardly. I am very sorry you have been hurt again. You deserve so much better!
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    So sorry he is treating you like that.
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    He is being a child. I'm sorry he's treating you like this. You don't deserve this!
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    That is just terrible not to mention immature you deserve MUCH better.

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    I'm sorry lady. That's not cool. That's no way to treat anyone! ESP someone you are suppose to love.

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    just worry about being kind."
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    I'm so sorry. What a tool.

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    wtf I'm sorry, that's ridiculous. And I know how it feels to feel so alone after something like this. Hope you're okay, you can always PM me.
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