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    It's official. We are definitely never (ever, ever) getting back together. I'm surprisingly okay with this decision, so no need for pity. Caden and I are going to be great, and stb exDH and I each deserve happiness... even if it isn't with each other.

    Any advice on moving on as quickly as possible? By moving on I don't mean to another relationship; I simply mean moving on with my life, just to clarify!
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    Someone once told me that it hurt as their marriage ended because they had a lot of hope and love invested in it. But, in retrospect, admitting it wasn't working was the most decent and honest thing in the entirety of their marriage.

    Being okay with something doesn't mean that everything has to be sunshine and rainbows. It's okay to acknowledge the lost possibilities. It's equally okay to look forward to new opportunities.
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    I wish you and Caden all the best. I'm sure you two are gonna be fine.
    As for the moving on question: Is there anything you wanted to do or start before but never got around to? Maybe pick up a new hobby or project, go somewhere new (as in new places to eat at or a new park or aquarium where you can take Caden too). Pretty much just do new things. That's what I always do when I feel like I need a fresh start.
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    Oh my goodness, didnt he just get back down there!?!

    I am so sorry. I know you are feeling good about it, but I am still sorry that its a big clusterfuck and you now have to deal with everything that goes with it. I am glad you are happy with your decision though, and I hope you and the babers will do wonderful.
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    I went through a breakup this summer, and while it wasn't a marriage and no children were involved (and like you, knew it was due) it still hurt like hell so

    I think time, and new hobbies. Now is the time to concentrate ALL of your energy on you and your beautiful son. You can plan new activities for the both of you, maybe find a sitter and do new activities for you. The world is your oyster and you can do what you see best for you and your son.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm here if you need anything. I know we were LDL pals way back in the day, and you were always such a sweet caring person to me I'd love to return the favor.
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