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Thread: Well....That's It.

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    Well....That's It.

    I've been avoiding having to post this, probably because I'm still trying to process it.

    I left for Vegas on May 7th after spending most of my weekend with DB. He'd been a little off for the 3 weeks prior, but had said he was having a tough time with work and that it was just affecting other things.

    I made sure to text him every day while I was in Vegas, but unless I was putting the effort into carrying the conversation, there wasn't one.

    The weekend I flew back, he didn't bother texting to see if I was safe or anything. For 2 whole days. At this point I wasn't texting him either, which was slightly immature of me, but whatever.

    I texted him on May 13th, after I was back, and he blew off my frustration/anger at his lack of contact. We texted again the next day, but he didn't seem to care at all to see me, even though I'd been gone for a week (and he's normally the type to want to see me 3-4 times a week, wants me to text when I get home from work/class, etc). We didn't talk the rest of the week. May 18th, he dumped me....via text.

    He said that night that he can't imagine not having me in his life, at least as friends, but that we just don't work. That he loves so many things about me, but we have nothing in common, and he can't get past that.

    I'm honestly pretty heart broke, but at the same time, I saw it coming. It just sucks, as I want him in my life, but I don't think that its all that healthy to be friends with an ex, especially when its so soon.

    We've texted every few days since, and I'm going tonight to finally get all my stuff from his place. We tried doing the "friends thing" once before (about 3 months ago) and we ended up right back together. I don't really know if I want to do that again, I just feel like I was carrying the whole relationship for the last month. He had been so great, and then things just changed.

    I know I'm going to be ok. It sucks, but seriously, when you love someone as he claimed to love me, you should also be treating them right

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    It could be worse.
    I'm sorry. You seem to have a good attitude about it, just remember everything in your OP when you have the rough moments.
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    I'm sorry! What a tough time for you. But you're right to know that you deserve someone who will love you and know it.
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    I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you guys.
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    I hope you guys can be firends, if that's what you decide you want to do. It can be hard, but it is possible.
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    You are right, it might be too soon to be friends right now, but maybe some day in the future? I know that I can't be friends with exDB (who also broke up with me via text) for a while, but it is a remote possibility that some day it could happen. Just don't force it. Focus on yourself and healing from this, and whatever will be regarding your friendship or lack of will fall into place.

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    So sorry you're hurting. I think you feel that it's for the best though and I hope that helps you get over it sooner.
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    im sorry

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    I'm so sorry

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