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Thread: prayers please

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    prayers please

    I'm sorry that all I seem to be writing about is the situation with Luke. Work keeps me busy during the day and then I come home and all I want to do is watch tv and not think.

    Anyway, he emailed me today and said he's free this weekend to talk. Honestly, I had already started preparing myself mentally for him to just not ever contact me again. It was sort of a shock to my system to get that email.

    I told him that I'm free around 3 on Sunday, which is the truth, but that I wasn't sure where we should meet. I really want it to be somewhere neutral, not my apartment or his room on post. I want it to be somewhere between us so that neither of us has to drive an hour and a half. I want it to be enough space that if we need to, we can get up and take a walk to clear our heads. So I thought a park in Castle Rock would be perfect. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to rain on Sunday. Now I have to either come up with something else, oooor we'll just go to one with a pavilion and hope no one else is there? And I'll bring an umbrella, raincoat, tarp and blanket.

    I could use lots of prayers and good vibes for the conversation. I really want to be able to address him out of love, understanding and compassion rather than anger, frustration or judgement. That's not to say that I think those feelings are invalid, but I think that now is not the time to address them. I've got a list of "Things we need to discuss now", "Things to deal with long term", and "Things I'm still upset about". All of those things will be addressed, but I know we can't fix everything in one conversation so I'm looking to take it one step at a time.

    Thanks for all your support through this. I don't know what I'd do without you.

    I'm Baaaaaaaack
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    i say the plan with the pavillion sounds good, hopefully the rain will hold off (and the threat of it will keep other people away)

    Sending many many your way that the conversation goes well. I really admire you trying to work through this, alot of people would have walked away by now, and I hope it works out the way you want
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    Sending good vibes and prayers your way! I really home you get what you need.

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    Don't you know, don't you know that you're beautiful?
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    So many and your way!!
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    I'll be praying for you, hun
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    I hope your conversation brings only good things into your life, whether it be Luke or closure.

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    Lots of and I hope your conversation goes well and I think the pavillion is a great idea! Also the rain better hold off!!
    PCS time is getting closer. Let our Europe adventures begin!
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