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Thread: I'm sure I already know what I should do...

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    I'm sure I already know what I should do...

    but I am really torn...

    Ex-Db and I have been broken up for a little while...we agreed to staying friends and right after we broke up we spent some time together (dinner, watched some of our favorite tv shows etc) a few times we even crossed the line...which I know is stupid.

    Well now I am really trying to move on and get over him...and I am doing a really good job! I have gone on a couple of dates with a few guys...and enjoyed myself. I don't find myself "sad" over things ending...I am doing well...

    Well...I have been working on not contacting him and not initiating spending time together...because well I shouldn't and I don't want to "want" to hang out with him (even though we always have a good time together and honestly he is my best friend)

    Well tonight is his work Christmas party and he wants me to go...and part of me wants to and I know it will be fun...but then part of me is like "why the heck does he want me to go?" Not because he wants to be together...because if that were the case we would never have broken up...I just don't want him to feel like when he "wants" me I come running...or that he can just spend time with me when he "feels like it"

    But on the other hand...I don't really have anything else going on...and I wouldn't mind going...and I know that it I am over what we used to have. I know that I could go and just enjoy it for what it's worth and not be upset after. I am very confident about that.

    I'm rambling and I sound like an idiot because obviously I know I shouldn't go and I don't know what I am looking for. I guess I am looking for people to say it is okay if I go and that I am not crazy for wanting to go...

    Thanks for getting through this ridiculously long pointless post
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    I'd say don't go. Simply because (sorry if this is harsh) but your making yourself waaaay to easy for this guy. He's an ex. Unless he's trying to rekindle things in which case you guy need to sit and have a conversation about that. Curl up with a good movie, some hot cocoa and a comfy blanket and enjoy a night in tonight. Or go out and do something with some friends.
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    I wouldn't go. He just wants to have his cake and eat it too
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    Do you mind if I ask why you broke up and how long ago?

    If you HONESTLY think that you would be okay going as a friend and just going to have fun, I'd say go. You cant be 'too easy' for him if you both dont want anything more than friendship.
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    I'd say go! If your fine with just being friends and know that you dont want anything more out from this relationship than just friendship then I would go!

    If you can't handle it or think its going to make things worst in the long run, then stay at home! Your in controll of this! NOT HIM!

    If you do go...enjoy yourself!
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