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Thread: having a hard time

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    If it should, it will come around again.
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    having a hard time

    "getting over" exDB

    He freaked out about a month ago (while still training) saying he couldnt handle me and his deployment...and then didnt talk to me for 3 weeks

    he then came to get his stuff and said he "turned off" his feelings towards me, and things just changed (meaning the situation)

    another week goes by w/o speaking...and then all of sudden...and all the suddent I get a FB chat saying: Hey my orders changed, I'm depolying in XXX weeks... we talked for a little bit, I keep it VERY basic...didnt ask him any questions, just listen (was postive)...then he asked how I was doing....

    (UGH how do u think I've been doing!!?!?) so I tell him I've been good...then he asked about my family and how they were....anyways long story short...he was driving back to his station and then two days later he driving BACK home and now hes here, for idk how much time....and have no idea when he is leaving to go over seas!

    Its just been really hard to "get over it and move on" because I really believe we have something and know that its the situation were in that caused a good strain on our relationship! Yes I know thats no excuse to be an ass and wanna just give up...but

    I really want to be supportive for him (bc I know hes super scared and needs someone) but for him to just pretend like NOTHING happen is really bugging me!! I wanna say something but dont wanna add to his stress!! I dont know what hes thinking: he still cares about me and my feelings to tell me his orders change, or his fine with being friends and prenting that everything is ok or what!! ugh .....

    Sorry this is kinda long...I've tried everything to stay busy: cook, clean, bake, read, work...go out with friends!! Still I think about him...a lot!! This is tough!!

    Thanks for listening to me!! I just wish things were different!!
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