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Thread: Dangit!!

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    So I met this insanely gorgeous guy, very funny and just an absolute sweetheart. Then, I heard him say something to his friends about "his girl" and I'm assuming that he's talking about a girlfriend. Dang!! Why can't I just meet a guy who's single, super nice, and willing to take things slow? Blahhh!

    As someone else posted on here earlier, why can't the universe cough him up now??

    Oh, and on that note, I'm just curious. Does anyone ever get twangs of "What the hell did I do wrong?!?!" after a break up? I'm totally over my ex, but I would love some sort of apology or explanation of what I did to deserve what he did to me. Closure I guess is a good word.
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    Things always make more sense with a logical explanation. Unfortunately, with love that's almost never the case. It's normal to wonder "what if".

    I hope you find Him soon.

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