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Thread: parents divorce

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    parents divorce

    I'm sad to say that one of my firsts posts here is also one of my most depressing.
    After a little under 20 years of marriage, my parents have decided to divorce. The reasons why seem to be a bit confusing to me, as my mom is just now reaching out and saying that my dad has caused her "years of remorse." my dad has had struggles of his own, i.e. anger management, adhd, but i feel he's come a long way since i remember him getting mad over the silliest of things. i personally believe that its very much under control now, but my mom is having trouble seeing that.
    she just returned from a year tour in iraq, and she says that going to iraq had nothing to do with the change of heart but i dont think thats true. i dont think she was unfaithful to him, though.
    i love both my parents like none other. i had always felt so privileged that my parents were some of the few who could tough it out while i saw friends parents left and right splitting up. this situation really does break my heart, and i'm not sure which way to turn, and I'm not quite sure where my brother or i stand in the situation.

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    So sorry to hear that. I think divorce is hard on the children no matter what the age.
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    Sorry your family is going through a difficult time.
    chicalelo, camandcmh, and Love_my_airmanNP are my Sister Wives
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    I hate that it happens to anyone, but I'm in a similar boat to yours. My parent's 30th anniversary is supposed to be this June, if they make it. Empty nest syndrome led to my mom turning on my dad, and basically saying that he's held her back for the past twenty-something years. PM me if you want to talk. I will keep it private.

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