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Thread: ooh la la :)

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    ooh la la :)

    Guess who has a date tomorrow? Me, that's who! Meeeee!
    He's one of my brother's best friend's friends. He added me on facebook (we go to the same college, it's not that creeper.) and we've been talking absolutely nonstop for the past four days. As of now, he seems like a total sweetie who genuinely enjoys talking with me. And I have to say that I enjoy every time I talk to him, too We're going to see a matinee of Sherlock Holmes and then to a surprise dinner (he won't tell me where.) I'm really excited, guys! Keep your fingers crossed for me?

    what a day to visit seattle, what a day for san francisco. what a day, holy toledo! what a day to get in the air and go. what a day to give up smoking, what day to absorb jim beam and what a day to welcome a baby to begin breathing.
    ~ greg laswell
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    awww! Good luck!
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    that's so cute goodluck!
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    Good luck! Hope things go well
  5. me and 2010 are going to bffs!
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    me and 2010 are going to bffs!
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    Good luck! Hope you have fun and keep us posted.

    Rockellexo is my wifey loveyou rachypoo!

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    Good Luck and have fun.
    It took longer than we thought. Now 2 IUI's, 3 IVF's, 1 FET .
    One day at a time, one step at a time, and one day we will get there.
    DS Feb 2013 and Adopted DS Aug 2012
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    Oooh he's already pulling out the surprises! Excellent! Hope he turns out to be fun and a good guy!
    PAW to Chris & Fur Mamma to Ollie

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