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    Not sure exactly where to put this, but DB and I broke it off shortly before he deployed. However, we ended on good terms, and things are slowly going back to the way they were even though he is deployed. There were things he needed to fix before I would consider going back, and he did all he could given the circumstances. However, before the breakup my parents were worried about a few of the things I asked him to try to work on, and now he kind of blames them for breaking us up. He's a great guy, and all my friends are convinced we are for each other, but I am worried what if he never gets over the whole thing with my parents (I am close with my family). So I am frustrated, as I am falling back in love with him, but this is the one thing I am confused on, do I just have faith in who I know he is, that he will over come it, or do I just give up completely and move on...
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    Did your parents hold a gun to your head and demand you to break up with your SO? If not, I do not see how he can blame your parents for the outcome of the situation. You two either need to move forward/move past this whole ordeal or you two need to end things altogether. That is my personal opinion. Whether you should move on or not, that's entirely up to you. Evaluate the situation thoroughly and always trust your heart.

    Best of wishes!

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