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    So.. ex-db and I have been over for over 8 months, and we had a nice phone chat a few weeks ago to patch things up and we're fine but today I was facebook browsing and I came across his buddies pictures of the Marine ball, and I was so excited to see them since ex-db finally got his dress blues and so I was curious and looked... little to my surprise he had a date and kinda made my heart race. He made it perfectly clear to me he didn't want a gf when he got home from Iraq so I made the wise decision and moved on and started dating someone else, whom I am very happy with. But I can't but help feeling horriable for idk, whatever my heart was feeling? Maybe it was just shock? I mean I didn't tear up or wish I was still with him, well I mean I was suppose to be there with him so that was kinda hard to take that I was so easy to replace BUT ya know I had moved on before he got home from Iraq... I just... is this normal to feel a little sting finding out you were replaced? Even if she was just a friend going as a date or w/e.. i don't even know anything to be honest and it isn't my business unless he says it to me.. and even when him and I talked on the phone he didn't even mention my bf... idk :/

    Ex-db was respectful when he got home from Iraq, he found out I had a bf and he didn't contact me because he didn't want me to fall for him again, eventually a few months after being back he txted me and asked if it was okay bc he didn't want to tick off db but ya... I just couldn't help but think these last 5 minutes that maybe he felt the same thing finding out I replaced him? Who knows... I just know I will not be coming across his buddies fb anymore lol.

    Any post-sting advice? It's probably going to be a sting when he starts dating someone else but I mean...thats normal right?
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    I mean, I think it's normal. I was over EX-DB, wanted NOTHING to do with him, but when I found out he had a new GF it was just kind of a slap in the face. Sometimes, you want to move on and be happy, you just don't expect them to do it too. But, I've felt the same way before.

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    It's normal. When ex-db and I broke up, and he was telling me how he wanted to get with a girl he's always liked(even when we were together), I blew up on him. And after a few months of not talking, when he said he liked someone out at Ft Meade, my heart was like "".

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