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Thread: a nice surprise but is it too this or that?

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    a nice surprise but is it too this or that?

    so im living with my cousin till the divorce is done, which is really sweet of jordan....

    anyways the thrid night i was there their friend krammer(yes that is his real last name lol) invited them me and owen to his bday party at the club house in the apartment complax we all live in .

    i decided to go. which is where i met him . he is a paromedic and is tall funny nad we have a ton in common. i liked talking to him because of it .

    at church a few nights later when we went to the college group ( the 19-35 age group) and he was there. they were talking about god and how god thinks - well that made me think how dissapointed god was in me gettign a divorce or would that be what he wanted for me because of the abuse and danger to owen and myself .....well clearly that made me sorta and sad. but i tried to mask my feelings so i didnt worry my cousi njordan or his wife .

    krammer who sat across the room noticed and after the service was done - gave me his jacket because i was literally shivering and then gave me his number and told me to text him if i needed someone to talk too....

    so i did and then we kept talking after we adressed my thoughts and made plans to hang out today so we hang out today when owen was at visitation he took me to dinner at a deli place and we just hung out as friends and talked about a bunch of things from nasty car crashes to branding cows you name it . we picked owen up and played with him for a bit too ... it wasnt a date. but i had a blast just being friends with him . he is 6 yrs and 5 months older than me , and i thought he liked this girl amy so i didnt think i had a chance ....

    well after we hang out he goes to hang with another friend of his josh and we text a little but then he stops texting . then about an hour ago he called and said that he didnt want to lead me on , that he wasnt trying to be a player , that he wanted to be honest and upfront that he liked me and amy and didnt know what to do and just was going to let god play it out and help him decide cuase he didnt want to hurt anyone ....and we both had some great qualities and our problems ( my divorce---- her drugs that she just got our of rehab)... and he just wanted to make it clar and he still wanted to hang out as friends and if it went somewhere with either of us great if not that was cool too....

    lol it was a nice surprise to end my day...cuase i didnt think he'd even look at me lol.. but it brings questions up---- like is 6 years matter?i dont think it does but what if it does lol ...i dont think it will...but mind likes to argue with itself ( hence why im typing way to much to get it off my mind)....amy was there first should i eve nflirt????and lastly is it too soon from the public veiw? i dont think it is because while our actually real break up was sept 12 we had beenover with since before may
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    I don't think the age difference is a problem. Db is 6 years older than me, and it's never caused us problems. Two, if he is not dating the other girl it is fine to flirt and it is a positive in my mind that he is being open and honest. As for the public view, some people may think it is, but that is up to you. I started dating Db before my divorce was final.

    However, I do think you should take it slow and keep your walls up a bit. Also, make sure this isn't a rebound.

    Good luck.

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