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Thread: baby step back

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    baby step back

    ok so i havent posted in a while but me and db broke up back in july, his training (SEAL) got too stressful. and now its hell week for him, im sure yall can assume its meaning, and some of his "girl" friends commented on his facebook and were like i love you im so proud and one of them i've always been suspicious of. and i know i should'nt care and i am doing really well in getting over him. but i can't help but think that next week is the week we were supposed to get engaged. and that all these girls he's turning to now can't take care of him or support him the way i did. KWIM???

    idk this is petty but y'all are the only who could probably relate to this
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    Keep you head up girl. He's just looking for someone to listen. Just focus on YOU and your happiness!

    Rockellexo is my wifey loveyou rachypoo!

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