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Thread: It's Officially Over!!! :depressed

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    Sad It's Officially Over!!! :depressed

    Michael talked to his sister the other day and was tellin her he hoped i knew it was over between us...well i had pretty much figured that one out on my own...but i say fuck him...its called karma bitch...he is goin to get what is comin to don't just fuck some one and leave i hope a girl he really likes ends up fucking him and then turns around and leaves him the way he did me...don't get me still hurts reality its tearing me up on the inside...but i have had terrible mood swings lately and at the least little thing i get pissed off...i guess i just don't understand how i could have let this happen...why didn't i listen to the ones that were telling me it wasn't a good idea to get back with him...i think i wanna cry right now...i wish things weren't like this...i am seriously in love with him...i even told him that when he left the first time after boot camp and everything...i think i am losing my trust in guys...i think i am beginning to have some major trust issues when it comes to guys...i have a hard time trusting most any guy lately...since i kinda figured it was over and knowing i gave him my heart and him tearing it into pieces...i should have known not to trust him...i just can't take it right now...i wanna cry so bad...but i feel stupid for crying over really seems pointless...but i am gonna cry no matter what...:cry...this is a complete and total nightmare
    I my wifeys Clawson and LukesLilTrooper!!!

    waiting for love to find me!!!

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    i'm sorry sweetie
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    message me if you need a friend.
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    In my skin.
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    I'm sorry hun. Breakups suck. You will find a good one though. Promise.
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    im sorry breakups are not easy nor fun.
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    hun i am so sorry....i was hoping that things were gonna get better for u! but if u need anything mesage me!

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    im sry honey you're better off without his wack ass
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