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Thread: are you kidding me?!

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    Shocked are you kidding me?!

    thread continued from "crushed":

    So we're gonna try to work things out. We've been ok the past couple of days. I haven't started any contact between him and I, it's always him texting or calling me. So I went out with some friends last night, and he finally decided to call me around midnight, when normally he would call around 10-11. I didn't answer the first call- he called my other phone (the school gives us a phone too) and he texted me asking me what I was doing. So I called him back a few minutes later, and we were talking. He said I got worried because I haven't heard from you. I said I told you I'm going to be distant from you because of what happened..

    Well he flips out on me! I said with everything that happened recently- you really expect me to call or text you!? I said you should be kissing my ass right now! He was like you're pissing me off! So he got mad because I was out drinking during the week. ( I didn't have class till this afternoon) And because I brought up what happened this past weekend. As if I don't have any right to. I told him it's going to be hard for me to just drop it. I said that he needs to put himself in my position Then he says wait till this saturday and see how you feel- because I have plans! I kept trying to explain to him that this isn't about retailiation.

    And I've told him he has to earn my trust back- well he did take an initial step to doing that yesterday. His school had a career fair and he handed out my resume and tried to help me find a job down there. I don't know if I really consider that earning my trust back. And I've explained to him it's not going to happen over night.

    What the hell can I do to get through to this kid- he was the one that f*cked up- yet he uses transference- and makes me feel like I'm the one in the wrong.
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    honey don't let him get to you, it sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too, you are doing the right thing, just take your time, you did nothing wrong
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    You are doing the right thing by being so honest with him. I think that men have a hard time understanding that they can not be easily forgive. But make sure that you pay attention to things that he "does". The male communication style of showing affection is by doing things for you. So for him to be handing out your resume is one way that he is trying to show to you that he is sorry.

    I hope that things continue to get better between the two of you.

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    he is being such a tool! You shouldn't be punished for behaving the way you are. It's beacuase of his actions that things are like this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by USN-J&A- View Post
    honey don't let him get to you, it sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too, you are doing the right thing, just take your time, you did nothing wrong

    i agree, you did nothing wrong.
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    hope things work out!

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