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    im doing a lot better today. we talked online this morning and it turns out that he's not doing so well...he's pretty devastated even though he's the one who did it to me. he asked me how i could be so cool about things...i told him im hurt of course but i cant let it get to me. i cant or i wouldnt go to class and i wouldnt move on...but im moving on. he says he cant handle being friends now but maybe later. he told me to give him space, he'll call me when he's ready. its so hard, i just wanted to be friends.
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    Sometimes time is all that's needed. I have ended up friends with all but my last ex and he's still really pissed at me but he said he wants to be friends one day. Will that happen? I don't know...but the option is still there.

    Just give him to time to heal and grieve himself and he'll come around to being friends with you again.
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    everything will work out for the best, wether as friends or not. but im glad you're not getting the best of you.
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    It is good you are not letting it get to you, you are so much stronger than I could be. Maybe he does need some space to figure everything out with his family, and he will realize what he has lost. Hopefully it wont already be to late when he figures that out.
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    Sometimes friends takes time. I thought my ex and I could be friends, but here we are. I've moved on and even am married, but he's not ready to friends. I don't care if he ever comes around, but if you want to be friends, let him have time. All you can do is hope that there comes a time when he's ready for friends. It's all on him. Be there if he needs you. I must say I am very proud of you for being able to move on and do what's best for you. You are very strong. Good for you. I will be thinking about you.

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