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Thread: UPDATE: Found peace

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    Big Grin UPDATE: Found peace

    I want to start by saying ya'll suport has helped me more than you'll ever know, i especially want to thank scrawnytauni, tallblond82, heather, and Britt.

    i am doing WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY, better we had a really good long talk the other night about eveything and i am now ablt to clearly see and believe that this is truly for the best. i do love him and he does love me and well will rebuild our friendship. we were bestfriends before we started dating and we will remain so. yeah, what he did was fucked up, but i have to forgive him one day soon. b/c i just can't imagine my life without him in it, we just don't work as a couple.

    i also have another anouncment in this thread:

    again thank ya'll so much for all your suport i don't know where i would be without the suport and advice.

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    Finding peace is the best feeling in the world..Glad to hear that you two have talked everything out & going to rebuild your friendship..Best wishes in continuing in always keeping the peace you've found..That's a great step in life.
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    That's great hun! Glad to know you are doing much better! All the best..

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