well now ex db hasnt called at all.... last i saw of him to told menot to hate him gave me a hug got into his truck and alked out of my life... ive been a mess all i do is drink cuz thats the only time im not crying. im spending christmas with my ex husband and his family cuz i have no where to go. never thought id be cryin on his shoulder about the only other guy besides him ive ever loved... yesterday i as all by myself in my aunts house, all i did was cry and lay on the couch all day. i hate feeling like this, surprisingly my ex husband is bein decent. he got me a digital camera for xmas..wich as really nice of him, cuz hes knon how upset ive been... probab;ly shouldnt have done stuff with him. considering e both dont ant to betogether. ne ays....hen does all this pain go aay???