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Thread: It just hit me!!!

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    Duh It just hit me!!!

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    I'm sorry it will get better!!!
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    hmmmm. he can't communicate with you but is online in other ways? i dunno. i tend to think the worst *i'm never right by the way * so i'd get upset. but that's just me. maybe confront him and be like what the hell? see what he says. then go nuts.

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    I would be really upset... I to would think the worst, but I am never good at these things.
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    Well, you asked - so I will be honest. My XDB (the reason I moved to TN) did the same exact crap to me. He would logon to Myspace long enough to make changes to his top friends, but would never respond to me. He would log on to Yahoo and AIM, but would NEVER message me.

    I stupidly put up with it for 3 weeks, telling him I loved him, I know he's busy, just let me know you're ok... and I never heard from him. I was told by our friend that introduced us that we were just friends now because he couldn't give me what I needed. I'd say be wary of what's going on.

    But I also believe in giving the benefit of the doubt.

    Sorry, hon. I hope it gets better.

    I've been living life, and loving every trial.
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    i know this is going to be really hard, but try not caring for a while. when you see that he is on, instead of trying to communicate just ignore the fact that he is on. And stop going to his myspace page. Seriously. I know it is hard to resist the urge to "check up on things", but do try. Give it some time, and give him some space, find other things to do with your time, and maybe he will snap out of whatever his issue is. If not, well then, could be that he is just a jerk. I don't know either of you, so I can't really say. Just don't let him get the best of you, sweetie

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