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Thread: I'm bouncing back! Yay me!

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    Neener I'm bouncing back! Yay me!

    Okay, as most of you know, Mikey and I were dealing with a lot of issues. I finally talked to him and told him that he was confusing me, because he would ask me to hang out with him and then act like he didn't really want me there. He said, "I thought you just wanted to keep this a sexual thing." SAY WHAT?!?!

    I told him no...that I wasn't going to do that. After that, I asked him to please return my things (I still have stuff at his apartment).

    I was really down for awhile...but now I am getting stronger! I deleted every single text message to and from Mikey that I had been saving (even the ones from Iraq) yesterday!

    I've been talking to a couple of other guys (both military or ex-military...why do I keep getting military guys?!?!). One of them went to high school with me, and we are having a great time chatting and flirting!

    Will I get down again? Probably at some point. But I will bounce back again!!!

    Thank you to all the ladies who listened to me whine and moan when I was sooooo depressed about everything. You all did so much to help get me through this!!!
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    That's awesome that you're bouncing back! Yay for you!
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    I'm glad you're feeling better about things
    "I miss you when I'm sad. I miss you when I'm lonely. But most of all, I miss you when I'm happy."

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