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Thread: We are done, he just doesn't know it yet!

  1. valerieg
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    We are done, he just doesn't know it yet!

    So my boyfriend who is scheduled to come home in less than 2 weeks from basic is in for a very rude awakening, just how rude is what i am trying to figure out. Anyways we have been together almost 3yrs, we have a house now, a dog, we are all domestic and shit. SInce he has been gone, i have drained my savings to support both of us and recently he said he wants to marry me and when he is home to pick out a ring and all this sweet blah blah bullshit!!! So why did i go into his email to check the status of some bill i paid and i notice an email from this girl Brittney that i can't stand? She has a huge thing for Dan and it just creeps me out. So of course, i open the email, which led to 20 pages of other emails dating all the way back to June!!! They have been dating and sleeping together the whole time and she knows all about me!!!!!!!! what a disrespectful slut-both of them! here are some interesting points:
    FROM HER- what the hell am i supposed to think? i mean how is it even humanly possible to not get emotionally involved when you talk to someone every singel day about anythng any everything, see them, hang out, have fun, get along and are physical with? and im sorry i hate val, but you arent doing her any favors with this either, if you want you two to work, you cant have me to pick up the slack! i cant fill voids in your have said you want me somewhere down the line, so why would you waste time now? im not trying to convince you to want me, i just want a chance, and honest, no sneaking around, time with you when i want, normal dating chance, cause this that we have now, is nothing, not friendship, not dating, not just sex, not a chance, nothing

    HIS RESPONSE-Sorry hard to have a talk when Val is sitting right next to me...damn. I don't know what direction to give you, I barely know what direction I'm moving in. No you are more than just pussy to me, although I have no idea how to classify it. I like having you around, I told you before you're like my best friend. I know it's shitty, you told me before but right now it's all we have. This started as a no strings attatched deal and has taken a turn I hoped we could avoid. I just don't know what to do.

    That's all pretty F-ing awesome huh? So what is a girl to do? I want to make him feel as horrible as I do now...
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    OMG. I am pretty much speechless right now. If I think of some good revenge I will definitely let you know!!!

  3. Banned
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    wow...they're both heartless people..i'm so sorry =[ i would hate to find out like that. i hope you come up with a very good way to get revenge. i'll try to think of something!
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I'm sorry
  5. c'est la vie
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    I'm sorry. What an ass
    If you love someone, let them go. If it was meant to be, then they will return to you.
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    dont waste your energy getting revenge... that would mean you would have to THINK about him.

    just tell him it is over when he gets home, tell him you know about the other chick if he asks why, and walk away when he tries to beg for forgivness

    thats all that is necessary on this loser
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    Oh wow, I am so sorry

    I know how you feel. I just recently went through a break-up after finding out that I was being cheated on, and it's AWFUL. I was SO full of rage and fury, and I wanted him to hurt like he'd hurt me.

    Again, I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's terrible and there's really no two ways around that.
  9. Noel2385
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    HOLY FREAKING SHIT!!! what an ASSHOLE!!! I don't even know what to tell you. I don't have as much will power as you. I'd probably want to beat the everliving shit out of both of them. That is SOOOO awful. I think I have to agree with treeoflife3 he's not worth your energy, neither is she. If she's stupid enough to want to be with someone that cheats then good for her. And as for him, just tell him its over, absolutely no chance that he'll get you back, and make sure all of his friends know what an ass he is.
  10. valerieg
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    thanks all~i'm feeling a lil better about the situation, yeah it hurts, but in the end, i will be the winner and he will have lost everything. This has been going on since June that i have a record of! But she has sent recent emails, like the last two weeks that beg him not to write her from basic or to call her when he gets home and shit. I'm thinking he probably told her it was over and that he was planning on doing right by me! HA! I busted him, he just doesn't know. My original plot was to pack shit lil by lil and get a lot of it moved out in the next week or so, because his family comes over every other day or so and if they see too much of a drastic change, they will tell him. Anyways, then right before he comes home on the 15th, move out the rest, get him from the airport and drop him off to an empty house, newly renovated with a great personalized wallpaper-so 35 or so pages of emails between those two and a bunch of him and other girls just flirting and talking all deirty and shit! What an ass!!! Or I could wait a minute, cuz he will only be home 2 weeks (and i cancelled all the days i took off, so i will be working) and he wants to get me a ring-sweet, i'd love to accept, and he is supposed to get some bonus cash coming up pretty quick, in which he has already said some goes to me, and i need it after everything i have been through in the last couple months. So i'm thinking of just waiting it out a lil, finding someone else and getting what i have coming, then bouncing out the door! i dunno yet!
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