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Thread: Feeling so empty.

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    Feeling so empty.

    This is my first thread. I'm feeling so lonely, I literally just Googled this site and registered 5 minutes ago. My boyfriend is stationed in Germany, He's been out of Afghanistan for 2 months now and has until August until he's stationed back in the States. I spent all of April with him and it was amazing, I have never been happier. He left April 27th, it's almost been a month and ever since he left, I just feel so empty. I don't wanna do the dishes, laundry, clean, I don't wanna even shower and do my hair. I don't even wanna see my friends or go to work. This is so not myself. We still talk on Skype everyday but I'm still always depressed, trying to keep a smile on. I have trouble sleeping, and getting outta bed. I don't know if this is just a normal phase I'm going through but I am miserable. I don't really have anyone who understands or knows this feeling. August is not far away, I know it's not and I hate to sound like I'm complaining because I know everyone is waiting and some are even married with children and I can't even imagine how much harder that is. I just hope that I'm strong enough to keep focused on making time go by until we're together again. I wish I felt like doing things but all I seem to do is sit in front of my computer all day hoping there's a message from him. How do I get outta this feeling? How do I find happiness again or learn to cope while he's away? I just need some guidance, or support. Can't stand being lonely. =/
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    Hey! welcome to the site! lots of to you. If you need to talk or anything feel free to add or message me
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    hang in there! welcome. I'm new here too, but from what I've read, these boards seem great. I'm from Massachusetts too!!! I messaged you and added you as a friend.
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    first of all,

    second of all,

    everything you are going through, particularly if this is your first time, is very normal...

    unfortunately, it doesn't just go away by itself... give yourself some time to cry and grieve and then you've got to get up and keep going... you know it would break your man's heart to know he was causing you this much pain... if you have to, make a list and check off things as you do it... get out of bed, check. shower, check. work out, check. etc, etc...

    our so's have to do all kinds of things they don't want to do, so we owe it to them to do the same thing. go out with your friends, invite them to go out with you, work out more, pick up a new hobby, read more, whatever you like... and just know that it doesn't go away, you'll still hurt, but you'll find out that you're getting stronger and can do it longer...

    plus, there is always this place with lots of boards to kill time, learn, get support, and support others!!

    PM if you ever need to talk!

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    Nothing I say can make you feel better but I know how you're feeling I feel like I'm at my breaking point also...and it sucks because no one else I know understands it...

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