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Thread: Kids and Deployments

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    Confused Kids and Deployments

    Me and my DH has two girls ages 2 years old and 9 months, DH is deployed for 7 months and I'm worried that our kids won't remember him. I talk about him everyday, let them kiss his picture before bed and we look at a lot of family pictures together. The day he left I recorded a small video of him saying how much he loves us on my cell and we look at that all the time but I still don't think that is enough for them to remember. I don't want him to come home and the kids don't know who he is. Is there anything else I can do or will they remember him?
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    I don't think they'll forget at all.. I've never been through a deployment, but I'm sure you are doing everything possible to help.. great ideas too..

    DH is gone to school right now and DD asks where daddy is a lot.. breaks my heart
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    What your doing is great. The good thing is they are so young. Mine were the same age when my DH went on deployment and they did just fine when he came back. It was like he never left. I think they remember no matter how young they are.
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    what your doing is great, i did the same thing with my daughter. during her first year of life dh was gone a lot and then her second year of life the was deployed for a little over five months. i was terrified that she would forget him but she never did. she would talk about him and knew who he was in pictures. the only thing was when he got home she was a little nervous around him for the first hour or so but she quickly got over that. don't worry about your kids forgetting their daddy, they won't. just keep talking about him and doing what your doing.

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    what you are doing sounds great. but be forewarned that when your dh comes home your 9 month old probably won't want to be around him at first since he is a stranger to her ( in person). but she should get over that pretty quickly. sometimes having a bribe helps, ( ie daddy brings a special toy for her)

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    You have def. went above n beyond to try to make them remember him. My fiance' and I dont have any kids but his neice just turned a year and when he ame back from boot camp which you kow is 13 weeks she didnt remember him, but it only took her a few days to remember him by playing with his dog tags like she used to. We didnt do anythin to try to make sure she remembered him besides trying to get her to say his name. The video is def. a good idea and kissing the picture every night. I'm sure your girls will remember him especially your 2 yr old lil girl. Just keep doing what your doing and when he comes home dont make them feel pressured. No one forgets their daddy. Keep your head up hun.
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    Everything you're doing is great. DH deployed when DD was 5 days old, and came back when she was 6 months.. she knew him right away from the sound of his voice and pictures that I'd showed her since the day he left. The next time he left she was 2, and she was mad for about 10 minutes after we picked him up.. after that though she was all about daddy.

    Keep reminding both of them that daddy loves them, and will be home as soon as he can.

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    My dh deployed when our daughter was 6 weeks and just came back around 8months for his R&R... won't be home until December now. Needless to say, we've been very inventive to make sure she knows who daddy is... and she went right to him at the airport when he got back for his R&R. We got her a daddy doll, he made her a buildabear in camo's that has his voice recorded, she sees his pictures, she sees him on webcam, and he talks to her everytime he calls home. He was with her for two weeks and now she doesn't say mama anymore, only dada... lol..
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    You're doing everything right! My oldest boys were 2 and 3 when my husband went away for his first long deployment and I didn't do those kind of things with them. By the end they were asking me questions about was he dead and was he ever coming back. They hadn't forgotten, but they didn't see him enough for him to be a reality in their minds. After that, I learned my lesson. Now we have a daughter who was 2 for her first long deployment. She loved to keep his photo, and had her own photo album. When he called, I gave her a minute to talk, she drew pics for him, and we kept him a daily part of our lives much like you have done. She remembered him quite well. This deployment she was 3 when he left and is now 4. We do the same things, and he's been gone for 13 months and she still remembers him quite well. She looks at his pics and see his stuff, and talks about him as if he was here everyday. I think your kids will be fine.
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    My dh was gone most of DD's 1st yr and that was our biggest fear. He came back from deployment and she recognized him immediately! (we did the same as you, pictures, hearing his voice, etc...) My DS1 was 4 1/2 when he came home and he was great with it also.

    This time my kids are 1, 2.5 and 6 (when DH left they were 8mos, 2 and 5.5) My 2.5 yo talks to daddy on the phone for a minute when he calls. Asks to see pics of him and talks about him all the time. Just keep doing what you are doing. You should be just fine.
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