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Thread: First time with kids..

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    First time with kids..

    My husband will be leaving on April 21st for OCS..I'm just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have tips on how to help our children deal with this? We have a 4 year old son and a soon to be 2 year old daughter.
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    I got my kids daddy dolls while my husband was gone to BCT and AIT last summer, then they wrote letters and watched videos he made before leaving. Before we knew it the 6 months was over.
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    This last time we did:

    candy countdown-the kids get to visually see the candy jar go down, which means the closer they are to seeing daddy, and they get a treat as well.
    kiss goodnight-each night they got a hershey or a "kiss" goodnight from daddy
    drew him pictures I'd send in care packages
    wrote in a journal and emails to him about things they were doing, thinking, feeling (ODS was 5-6 and YDS was 4 so they needed help with that)
    time capsule-we took a shoe box for each kid and let them put things in it from things they did, got, etc. during deploment and then gave it to him when he got home so he could see what they did while he was gone.
    Each got a picture or daddy to put in their room

    Other than we stayed as busy as possible. We spent 2 months in my hometown with family and my childhood friends, went to the zoo, aquarium, beach, parks, festivals, bowling, movies, etc. Anything I could think of we did. I was also the frg president so we stayed busy with that, too. At least once a month we had meetings, activities, etc.

    They did so well. I expected YDS to fall out and give me a hard time cause he is extremely close to and attached to DH but he did well.

    Good luck.
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    At that age, we did a paper chain. I had DH write a special message on each link for ODD for me to read to her before bed each night when she'd take off a link.

    I also did a jar full of hershey's kisses to get a kiss each night.

    Daddy doll with a voice recording inside

    I had a poster made of DH that we hung in her room. She kissed it good night every night (her idea). She talked to that poster a lot too. I think she liked it better than her daddy doll that she slept with.

    I had DVD's of DH playing with ODD and played them on tv a lot for her. She loved it.

    I had little photo books of ODD, DH, and some with me in them too (showing us as a family unit) for her to carry around and look at whenever she wanted. Those were (and still are some 4 years after I had them made) a big hit with her.

    Our next deployment, I'll also get those voice recording books and have DH record them before he leaves.

    I went about our days as usual trying to keep her routine and things as normal/consistent for her as possible.

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