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Thread: Daddy Dolls working out so well!!!

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    Daddy Dolls working out so well!!!

    My boys received these dolls from the unit that you can put a face pic. in and they absolutely love them. My oldest is eight and he even sleeps with it! Has any one else tried these before?

    Hubs also made these poster board sized calendars for each month that he will be gone and hung them in the hall way at their eye level so they can see it every day before they go to school. He wrote special notes on certain days and covered those spaces with post-it notes. They have been loving pulling them off. Its kind of like an Advent calendar. Today's was "Hug Mommy Day" and he told them to see who could give me the most hugs today! I love it!!

    Does anyone have any other neat ideas that we can do together to count down until homecoming?
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    One of the guys from DH's shop just left for his long tour but I have his wife on my FB and she just got her little boy one. He loves it from what I can tell and he sleeps with it as well. he's 18 months old.
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    We bought them daddy dolls and they got the ones like you have for your boys. My girls loved them both and still sleep with their dolls and daddy has been home since August

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    That calendar idea is awesome!
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