Long story short...DD is 2. DH is in premob training. He's been gone a few months (with a week in between). DD is really close with both of us. He was with her for the first year of her life when I was working (he had 24 hour shifts, so he was able to be with her.). When we knew this was approaching, I quit my job and have been with her (for about a year now).

She does remarkably well most days. She will ask about him, but talks about where he is and stuff about him and it seems to calm her. I don't work, so it is WAY too easy to be lax when it comes to schedule. We do have a loose routine, but it's hard to force myself to stick to (I do have a cleaning schedule, and we have a playgroup that we see at least once a week.). Also, I have kind of let myself go (not terribly bad, but still). I looked at myself one day, when we made appointments to get family pictures done during his upcoming leave, and I NEED to do something. So, we got a family membership to the YMCA. That gives us access to a lot of great programs. I've taken her to swimming there since she was about 6 months old. I was really excited to be able to use the Fitness Center and go to Zumba a few days a week each. I can do this because she can go to the Child Watch and there are people there to tend to her.

The first time she went in there, she ran to the toys without even saying goodbye to me. I was FINE with that. She had a little friend with her that didn't react so well to her mom leaving. The second time, she was a little nervous but the woman said she did great after about 2 mins of whining. The last time, she cried when I left (again, only for a minute or two...so I was told). Today, my sister and her gf (who she has been around and have sat with her a LOT), she cried when I was walking out the door. The girls said she was fine by the time they heard me close the door downstairs. She has told me she does not want me to go to the gym, and has been particularly sad/missing her Poppa lately. She is very good about expressing these things to me (She told me this morning, "I'm really missing Poppa today.").

So, my question is...Am I doing the right thing? Am I throwing too much at her at once? I really want us both to be healthy and happy and for this deployment not to feel like a never ending hell stuck in this house. How can I help her? Any help would be greatly appreciated.