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Thread: Will they remember?

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    Sad Will they remember?

    I have 18 month old twins, their dad and my bf (who they have seen everyday for the last 6 months) are getting deployed. I am also pregnant. I know the new baby won't know his/her daddy, but will the twins forget about their dad and my bf? Will they recognize them on Skype? I'm just worried. This is my first deployment.n

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    18 months is old enough to remember. My husband left when our daughter was 2 1/2 weeks old and when he came home, she was 8 1/2 months old and she knew him. I showed her videos and pictures of him literally every single day. I talked about "Dada" and played old voicemails from him. We Skyped and she would smile and smack the screen. It CAN be done-- it's just a matter of preparing videos, pictures, and sound bytes, and then being consistent with them.

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    How much do you remember at that age?

    When daddy gets back, they will work to connect. They will most likely cling to you; but, will get over that. Just talk about Daddy and it will all work out. Don't stress it. It doesn't help; just makes you miserable.
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    Our oldest was right around 2 when hubby left for Korea.. he didn't see him again for another 9 months but when he came home for his R&R its as if he was never gone. Our son took right too him as if he'd been there all along. And this was back before skype and all we had were phones and email, so they didn't get to talk or see each other.

    They will remember, as long as you keep them all engaged and talk about their fathers with them, even if you show pictures and maybe do something like kiss a daddy picture before they go to bed.

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    My DD was 2 when DH left the 2nd time. She remembered him, we did a lot of skyping and had pictures of him around, she also had a deployment quilt that had pics on it (still has it over 4 years later). I will say that when he came home on leave she was turning 3 and it was a lot harder on her seeing him get on the plane than when he originally left, it was heartbreaking, but we survived.
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    My DB's son is 2, and they talk on Skype as much as he can over there. He is starting to say "Dada", and he knows who his Dad is.
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