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Thread: Son won't sleep in own bed since DH left

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    Son won't sleep in own bed since DH left

    My son is 5 almost 6. He is starting Kindergarten in just a few weeks. I am starting our new routine, or trying to anyway. He has always slept in his own bed in his own room. Never had much of a problem. We PCS, he slept in his room the whole time DH was here (the 2-3 weeks) but as soon as he left he refused to sleep in his own bed. I try everynight but he always ends up in my bed. I am not sure how to go about getting him in his own bed without feeling like I am abandoning him. He says he is scared but I am pretty sure it has something to do with DH leaving as well.

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    I have no advice, my youngest tries to crawl in bed with me almost nightly, and I don't think it has anything to do with DH being gone, she did it all the time before he moved in and deployed. Usually I let her because I am too tired to fight about it. Last night though I made her go back to her own bed or sleep on the chair and a half I have in my room. I would not let her in with me, she threw a fit for about 5-10 minutes, but she went to her own bed for the rest of the night. momma, be consistent, try giving him a time frame of he can sleep with your for 2-3 nights then its his big boy bed again. Maybe a nightlight would help, or a lovey.
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    That is a big change and I think its understandable to have a child become a little scared. They have to cope as well to such a difference in the home with mommy or daddy being gone.
    If you don't want him coming to sleep in your bed, maybe you can get more night lights to leave on and see if it helps some? Or maybe see if one of those pillow pet light ups will help him to feel not so afraid. If you aren't against him being in your room right now, maybe let him sleep in a sleeping bag next to your bed for a bit and let him know that soon he will be having to go back to his own room again.

    Good luck!
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    I have my 5 and 2 yr olds doing the same thing since my DH left for BCT. I gave is comforting me as much as them right now. I think they will get things back to normal soon.
    My older kids have not had any problem. Good luck.

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