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Thread: My son's first deployment

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    Confused My son's first deployment

    So this is the first time my youngest DS has had to deal with a deployment and so far I think things are going ok. He has an army bear he got that he named after DB and it wears the dog tag DB left him. He finally got to chat with DB via yahoo earlier this week and gets to Skype with him for the first time this weekend. It's been a bit hard, DS asks me all kinds of questions(he is 7) . He wants to be military like momma was and DB is so I get some odd questions that I just am not sure he should know the answers to. So that makes it hard, because it's like, well how do I answer this. He knows why America is in Afghan(sadly school is NOT teaching this to the kids). But the part he seems to have the hardest understanding of course is time frame. How have yawl found is the best way to get them to understand time at this age? He knows DB will be home soon for R&R but it's the whole DB has to go back and no idea if he will have another R&R before deployment is over that DS has trouble with. That and understanding how far away he is. DS still asks if certain states that are mentioned are in the US lol. So it's been a daily "But why can't we see him" question. Will he ever grasp this or is this to be expected the whole deployment?
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    My son is 6 and we are currently going through a deployment as well. For my son to realize the distance I bought him a little globe and I circled where we are on the map and then where his father is. He told me that it doesn't seem that long of a distance so I figured out how many hours it is to fly and I told him that in terms of how many cartoon shows, lol. As far as the length of time, we counted out 365 Hershey kisses and put them in a jar and he has one every day, as a kiss from Daddy. Helping me count all of those really helped him understand how long it would be. I told Ethan that he had to be patient because Daddy needs to protect America and only when all of these kisses were gone would he be able to come home. I don't know if stuff like that will help, but I hope that it does. Feel free to pm me anytime. I know how hard it can be sometimes.

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