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Thread: Watching his dad get on the bus?

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    Watching his dad get on the bus?

    My husband leaves for Afghanistan soon and he wants our (almost) 2 year old son to be there. I don't think it's the best idea because there will be alot of other upset families there, not to mention the wreck I'm probably going to turn into when it comes time to get on the bus. He doesn't understand what's going on and I don't want him to get all scared because he doesn't know why everyone around him is so upset. My husband's set on having him there and I don't want to deny him since he's leaving, just not sure it would be the best idea. Any thoughts?
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    I personally would want my kid there. No matter the age. I always went with my dad when he was leaving.
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    Wow that is such a tough call! I don't have kids so I can't say one way or the other what we will do when we have kids. I completely get why you don't want him to go since he is 2 yrs old and most of what he says and thinks is what he see's around him by modeling behavior. But at the same time he is eventually going to figure out why everyone is so upset and it is the father's last chance to say goodbye and there is something special about saying goodbye to the whole family. I would want to go alone and ball my eyes out but at the same time I think when I have kids I will ATTEMPT (but probably fail completely) at trying to make it the most positive experience for my kids and made some silly tradition for when "daddy leaves". That's just me though!
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    I would let mine come. You are right, he won't remember or understand any of it.

    If your husband is for it, then I would.
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    Do it for your husband.
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    My son is 3 and he will be with me. It is important for him to see the hubz "go bye bye" so he is less confused on why daddy "never came home." At least with the bus as a figure you can use it and say, "daddy took the bus and he will be back soon" rather than "daddy just disappeared into thin air" ... you can also say, "remember we said bye bye to daddy? he will be home soon" ... It is ultimately your choice and you as a mom know what is best for your child. Hang in there!
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    i think if its what your husband really wants then you should let him go. It also might help you to be stronger at the time
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    I took my two small children then 18 months and 3 1/2 when my husband deployed to Iraq for the third time but our first deployment with children. Honestly we were there so long waiting on the buses that both my children fell asleep before my husband got on the bus. I thought it worked out great. They got to spend the last few hours playing with daddy and then when it came time for mommy's emotional breakdown they were out cold.
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    no way... our daughter is 2yrs old and she will deff be there when DH deploys in the next few months, no doubt in my mind. Im not taking one more minute away from her when it comes to daddy.
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