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Thread: Should I burst her bubble?

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    Should I burst her bubble?

    My DF has been in my youngest daughter's life since before she was born. She calls him Pop. She was just two when he left and remembers him so vividly. The problem is, she thinks he's hiding in my phone. She asks for him every morning and I tell her that Pop is away in the army being a hero. She responds by saying, "No, Pop hiding Mommy phone". It's adorable, but she tries to get him out. I'm going to go through a dozen phones at this rate! How can I convince her that he's not in the phone just because that's where his voice comes from...or should I just let her think that?
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    get her a daddy doll or build a bear with his recorded voice in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandykay View Post
    get her a daddy doll or build a bear with his recorded voice in it.
    that's what we did and hopefully it will work when DD gets older. You could also get one of those picture frames that you can record messages with. Or we had an idea of us both having the same tape recorder and writing a letter but then recording ourselves reading it. Or just recording ourselves talking and then sending the tape to the other for them to listen to and then record over that with their message. That way if we wanted to we could hear each other's voice whenever we wanted to and a new recording or tape comes every month. It's an idea

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