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Thread: Things you do to keep Children Connected

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    Things you do to keep Children Connected

    I wanted to start a list of the things we did this past deployment, and get other ideas.

    Operation Kid Comfort through the Armed Services YMCA - Send them 9 images with the service member in them, and they will make it into a quilt.

    United Through Reading - I sent Timothy with books on deployment, and he read the books on a DVD, then mailed them back. I then sent a new book in every care package for him to read. Most Ships and bases overseas now have this program. If you send books, make sure to send padded envelopes big enough to send the book back in, as many military post offices wont carry them.

    Build a Bear - Before Timothy left, we went to build a bear and we let each kid pick out a bear (ok, K picked out a bear for each of them) and he recorded himself saying "Daddy Loves you K" and "Daddy Loves you A" on a voice box for each, and we dressed them up in the sailor outfit they had.

    Photo books. Since A is little and drooly, we got the one from target made by baby einstein that is water proof and can change the photos as he gets bigger, that we fillled with pictures of him with his dad. For K I let her design her own on Snapfish.

    We Bought a big laminated map and put it on one wall of the play room. We bought a post card from San Diego and put it up, then drew a star in red over San Diego. Then in every port he'd send a post card back, and we'd draw a red line from each place. Once they were on their way back, everytime he sent a post card we'd draw a green line back, so she could see where he was. We also had other family members and friends send post cards so she could learn the relation of citys, states, and countries.

    Marbles - Put the same amount of marbles as days of the deployment into one clear fish bowl, then each day move one from the fish bowl to the other, so they can physically see the days going by.

    Paper chain - Make one with the same amount of links as days of deployment, then everyday take one off, write something special about that day, and relink it on the other side of the room. Another way to see the relation from days to go to days that have passed, and it gives your spouse something special to read when they get home.
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    I'm sorry - I can't offer much in the way of the advice here - but those ideas are brilliant! I might do the marbles thing for myself when DB leaves lol.
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    I did the paper chain with my 7 yr is huge. He has it hanging in his room and takes one off each day.

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