I am sure many of you know this already... but this is for the new girls on here. And to share my experience so far.

if you call militaryonesource.com, they will refer you to a local couseler that deals with military families. This is for the families that are not on base. (you can use this if you are on base too though) But for me, with DH in the guards, we don't have a base... so i called and they sent me to a woman about 20 mins away from me. So far.... we LOVE her!!! she is married to an airman and has kids so she is familiar with the military life. My son opened right up to her. He knew why he was going and was excited about being able to talk to someone. And militaryonesource will pay for 6 sessions. then you can decide what to do at that point.

Now for my story about kids.... it is amazing how kids think. When we first told him about the deployment, we made the comment about him being the man in the house. (he just turned 8) of course we didn't mean that he would be but he is the type of kid that he deals with stuff better if he is focused on something and feels like he is older. So, when we went to his first session where he talked to her alone, he told her he was afraid of being the man of the house cause he does not know how to fix my truck or fix the pipes in the house if they break........???? He was afraid to tell us because he didn't want to dissapoint us. WOW!!! thats all i got to say. So after months of him being emotional and grumpy and just plain being a knucklehead, he is much better!! all cause he needed to get that off his chest. We are going to continue taking him but it is the best thing we have done since we found out about the deploy in sept.

If you have any questions about militaryonesource.... PM me!! Hope you all have a GREAT DAY!!!