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Thread: I need some help with this please

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    Help I need some help with this please

    My DD just turned 5, and she obviously knows Daddy's in the desert but not much more. Today one of the older kids at her babysitter's said to her "Don't worry, your Daddy won't get shot because he's a soldier and soldiers are better than the bad guys". I appreciate the positive endorsement, but now my daughter's scared that Daddy's going to get shot. I asked her if she knew what it meant to get shot and she said no, she just knows from this kid's remark that it should be something she worries about. How far do I go with this discussion with her? I don't even know how to explain what it means to get shot without scaring the pants off her. But I don't want to just brush it under the rug if she's really scared about it. I've already talked to the babysitter and she's going to talk to the parents of the kid tonight. This isn't the first time he's made remarks about my husband shooting people or whatever. Any advice? I'm lost right now.
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    I would tell her that sometimes soldiers do get shot (when a bullet hits them that came out of a gun). Then I would tell her there are people called medic's and doctors that will help them if they get shot to get better again. That they are all trained, like when she goes to school to learn ABC's, they go to school to learn not to get shot, and to fix people.

    That being said. I try to anwser questions honesty and as well as they can understand. She may still have fear, so do you, all you can do is help her to know that all the people over there are doing the best they can to come home safe.
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    me personally have talked to my 4 year old daughter and have explain everything to her in a simple way but without disguising the truth,ive told her daddy can get hurt but the doctors will help him if it happens,i also told her the he is being very careful and doing everything he can not to get hurt.she seems to be ok with me telling her the truth she might not like the fact the he can get hurt but she understands that its something that it happens and u cant help it just like when she gets hurt.

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