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Thread: Christmas Idea for Kids

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    Christmas Idea for Kids

    Hello! I came up with a great Christmas gift for our kids this year while my DH is deployed and thought I would share. Deployments are sooo hard but having to deal with our own issues and keep the kids feeling safe & happy is definitely one of the hardest part. So we have 2 kids (1 at home and 1 that DH has from previous marriage). I bought 2 LARGE glass jars from Walmart (cheap like $5.00 each) and I am filling them up with Hershey's Hugs & Kisses. 1 for every night of DH's deployment. That way the kids get a hug and kiss from Daddy every night. I put an "average" amount of kisses in there. Will have to keep an eye on them once the time gets closer. But for the kids it gives them #1 a sweet treat & #2 an actual visual reference. They will actually be able to "see" that the deployment is counting down. The gift will be from "daddy" this year - we are lucky because we actually get him home for Xmas - by a twist of fate - so he'll be able to give them to the kids and tell them what it means. But it's a great idea even if your SO is already gone!
    Anyway Merry Christmas. Stay strong. Stay positive!!
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    That's an old Navy spouse method of counting deployment days; been around for about 30 years that I know of. Other similar countdowns include paper chains strung around the room.
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    I had no idea what reindeer food was until the squadron had their Christmas party. Cute idea, but never even heard of it.
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    Or M & M's.
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    I'm so going to do that for me! Even though I'm not a kid, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea!

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