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Thread: Mother of all Meltdowns

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    Mother of all Meltdowns

    My daughter's 4 and a half, husband just left for deployment to Iraq about 2 weeks ago. Today she gets the Daddy Doll we ordered with the little voice recorder. She smiled but really thought nothing of it until bedtime. I put her to bed and she comes out a minute later sobbing, just saying Daddy over and over. She looks at the doll and I tell her Daddy sent it so she could give him hugs and hear his voice and see him while he's gone. She starts crying even harder and says "It's not real, I want Daddy home NOW!" Heartbreaking, brought tears to my eyes. What the heck do I say to her, I feel like anything I say just isn't enough to erase the hurt. Tell me this gets better, tell me something brilliant to say to make it better. We're only 2 weeks into this and the hard part hasn't even begun. I have no idea what to say, I just hug her and rub her back and tell her over and over how much Daddy and I love her.
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    Sometimes those kind of reminders aren't always the best thing for all kids.. A Daddy Doll might be great for one child, but it might make things worse for another..
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    aw i sorry.
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    Aww its so sad. Yes its heartbreaking that they have to go thru this. Well my daughter cried almost every night. I just would tell her the same that he loves you so much and can't wait to come home to us. Thats all you can really tell them. I know this probely dosn't help but just know we are all in the same boat. Hope things get better.
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    It will get better. It is hard in the beginning especially when they are a little older but still not quite at an age where they completely understand.
    You are doing the right thing in reassuring her and letting her know that she is loved.

    There are some different things you can do as well, have her draw pictures. Later get her involved with packing boxes for him. She can "send him emails" where she dictates and you type. But for now just being there through the hard part will be the best thing for her. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    Yep, sometimes those type of things aren't so great.

    My fiance did a build a bear thing for me- and my daughter would screech when I would push the talk button.
    What about trying the candy idea? ( a kiss in a jar, and she gets it in the afternoon "a kiss from daddy!" or whenever she does a good job?!) Or the paper chain thing? Those two things really REALLY helped my three year old.
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    I'm so sorry. I hope it gets better for her & you.
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    awww Thats heartbreaking!

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