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Thread: Husband coming home & leaving again for school

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    Husband coming home & leaving again for school

    Just found out that once DH comes home from his deployment, he will be leaving for a month long training 8 days later. I don't know what this is gonna do to the 2 yo. DH was home in January for 2 wks of R & R. When he headed back, the 2 yo sat at the window & cried "I miss you Daddy" for a week straight. He talked to DH a few days ago & the last 2 days he's been overly whinny & saying the same thing. I don't think he will be able to handle this again. And if someone says its only a month I think I will scream. Please help!!!!!!! We are having a very hard time since he left.
  2. ilovemickeymost
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    I really cold use some ideas. Anything would be great.
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    I wish I had some advice but I dont. This is my 4th deployment but first with kids. My husband will come home from deployment and leave again 6 months later for another 6 months or so.

    I guess the best thing you can do with a 2 year old is try explaining it all tho it is hard. Maybe print a picture of daddy and hang it near their bed. Have daddy write letters and read them to your youngin.

    Its heart wrenching watching our children cry for daddy and not being able to explain whats going on. My 3 year old cries himself to sleep sometimes and asks me to never leave him. I just try to keep him busy, talk about daddy often, let him know daddy loves him, let him talk to daddy when he calls, and when time gets closer to coming home we'll start talking about that as well.

    PM me anytime if you need to talk. I am going thru this too with both my kiddos. My youngest is really too young to understand anything. Although she does point to his pictures and says "dada"
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    I have no ideas either (I don't have kids and know nothing about them). Maybe involve him in making things for DH. For example, pictures and drawings to send to DH.
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    When we had our pre-deployment~ I had my 2yr old and 7yr old make a video for him every night.. Saying "we miss you, come home soon, be safe" etc.. then I uploaded it on utube and sent it to him. I dont know if he has a cell phone but I did voice sms every night too saying good night/good morning.

    Im soo sorry you are going through this.. Hang tough for them! I know its hard with little ones~
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    thanks for the ideas.
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    Is there anyway your son could stay with your family for a few days? I would probably ask my DH to stay in a hotel for that 8 days if my child couldn't stay with family. It is just so hard on the kids to see them for a week then have them leave again.

    If anyone says its just a month they are a retard. A month is like a year to a toddler. (to us too sometimes). I hope that it works out.

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